Du Hast - The Rammstein Lyrics Translation Page


Hi Rammstein Fans,

So why another website that posts translations of Rammstein lyrics you ask? Well, over the years I visited many similar websites, many of which post a lot more than just translations. There are some really good ones as you probably already know. However, I wanted to focus on just that … translating. But it’s not that simple.

Translating from one language into another in a literal sense brings about a very particular problem, losing the actual meaning of the words. As such a translation becomes more than that, it becomes an interpretation as well. A single word can have various meanings. You may know the difference between “Du Hast” and “Du Hasst” from the same titled song Du Hast. Till’s word play in their songs is absolutely brilliant, if you know and understand the meaning of the words. Unfortunately, for most native English speaking folks that’s where the problems begin.

So I wanted to make an attempt as a native German speaker to not only translate, but also ensure that the actual meaning comes across as much as possible. And when I say meaning, I mean the way I interpret the songs. By no means am I discrediting what others have done over the years. There is no right or wrong, just different interpretations. I added a comment page to each song in which I post a few cool details and tidbits about that particular song as far as I could research it.

The page that links to the individual records and translations also includes links to a short biography for each band member. Click on each band member’s head and it’ll get you to it.

As I go on I will add more pages, however, only complete albums. As one is finished it will be posted. Enjoy and drop me a line if you like.